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Market Reach sponsored Raoul Sheikh to achieve a long held ambition to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. The project raised much needed funds for local schools in Kenya.
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Management Consulting

Management consulting, often referred to as business consulting is defined as “advisory and/or implementation services to the (senior) management of organisations with the aim of improving the effectiveness of their business strategy, organisational performance and
operational processes”… Ibrahim Sheikh, Director


Financial Strategy

In short, financial strategy deals with the availability of sources, usages, and management of funds. It focuses on the alignment of financial management with the corporate and business objectives of an organisation to gain strategic advantage.

Inter-Relationships between Financial Decisions

All the four financial management decisions explained above are not independent but related with each other’s. Capital budgeting decision requires calculation of present values of cost and benefits for which we need some appropriate discount rate. Cost of capital which is the result of capital structure decision of a firm is generally used as the discount rate in capital budgeting decision. Hence investment and financing decisions are interrelated.

Use our expertise to match fund raising project to the various levels of business development and stages of business growth.


Financial Management

The key financial management decisions every company is required to take: –

  • Investment Decision
  • Financing Decision
  • Dividend Decision
  • Working Capital Management Decision

Types of Financial Decisions – Long-Term and Short-Term Decisions

The functions of raising funds, investing in assets and distributing returns to shareholders are main financial functions or financial decisions in a firm.

Types of Financial Decisions – 4 Types: Financing Decision, Investment Decision, Dividend Decision and Working Capital Decisions

The key aspects of financial decision-making relate to financing, investment, dividends and working capital management. Decision making helps to utilise the available resources for achieving the objectives of the organization, unless minimum financial performance levels are achieved, it is impossible for a business enterprise to survive over time. Therefore, financial management basically provides a conceptual and analytical framework for financial decision making.
Management Consulting

Market Reach Consulting

Market Reach Consulting consultants help organisations to solve issues, create value, maximise growth and improve business performance. They use their business skills to provide objective advice and expertise, and help an organisation to develop any specialist skills that it may be lacking.

Our Consultants use their business skills to provide objective advice and expertise and help an organisation to develop any specialist skills that it may be lacking.

Market Reach Consulting works closely with its client to develop the detailed strategy, structure, management and operations of the company. Our role is to identify options for your company and suggest recommendations for change, as well as advising on additional resources to implement solutions.

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