What We Do

Management Consulting

Market Reach Consulting assists organisations to solve issues, create value, maximise growth and improve business performance.

  • Financial Management Operations
  • Financial business strategy
  • Financial and legal due diligence
  • Business planning in preparation for fund raising exercises.
  • Assisting with fund raising at different levels of business development and growth
How we add value

At Market Reach Consulting, we work with you to:

  • carry out research and data collection to understand your organisation
  • conduct analysis
  • interview our client’s employees, management team and other stakeholders
  • run focus groups and facilitate workshops
  • prepare business proposals and presentations
  • identify issues and form hypotheses and solutions
  • present findings and recommendations to clients
  • implement recommendations or solutions and ensure the client receives the
    necessary assistance to carry it all out
  • manage projects and programmes
  • lead and manage those within the team, including analysts
  • liaise with the client to keep them informed of progress and to make relevant decisions.

Consultants at Market Reach enter the profession with a background of commercial experience and in some cases a professional qualification relevant to a certain industry.

The skill sets need to work with our clients include:

  • the ability to work as part of a team
  • interpersonal and communication skills, both oral and written
  • creativity and innovation
  • problem-solving and strategic planning ability
  • analytical skills
  • flexibility
  • the ability to cope with pressure and challenges
  • commercial awareness and understanding of business environments.
What to expect

As a management consultancy, we work with you:

  • Consultancy involves a high level of responsibility and pressure. There can be some
    stress as there will be tough targets and tight deadlines to meet.
  • Consultants can spend considerable time travelling between client sites in the UK. As they need to be based in clients’ offices, considerable time away from home may be required if the site isn’t local.
  • Consulting work can be carried out on an international level, with many client organisations having offices overseas. 
  • Market Reach Consulting has a strong commitment to diversity. Initiatives such as targeted graduate recruitment, internal mentoring and diversity networks to support people
    from under-represented groups have been established.

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